Screenshot 2016-11-29 22.05.00.pngStudents in COMM 202 are doing their first live-to-tape broadcast.

Current Courses taught at California State University Fullerton:

  • COMM 202 Digital Reporting and Production
  • COMM 325 Multimedia Journalism

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Past Courses:

  • COMM 202 Reporting for Mass Media II
  • COMM 422 Communications Technologies
  • COMM 530 Seminar in Communications Technologies

Past Courses: Instructor of Record at the University of Utah

  • COMM 1010 Communication Matters
  • COMM 3560 Video Production
  • COMM 3555 Digital Journalism
  • COMM 3505 Living in a Media World
  • COMM 3570 Newsbreak
  • COMM 4520 TV Journalism
  • COMM 5665 Social Media Journalism

Past Courses: Teaching Assistant

COMM 3550 Principles of Visual Communication
COMM 5620 International Communication: Wars and Memories

Other Courses Taught at Assumption University:

CA 2007 Introduction to New Media and Broadcasting
NM 3402 Film and Time-Based Media
NM 3409 Broadcast Interviewing and Announcing
NM 4406 Broadcast Media Production and Directing
NM 4407 Seminar in Broadcast and New Media
Advising graduating thesis projects